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Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Group Fitness Class Descriptions


A 45min class conducted in the shallow pools, either indoor or outdoor. With 85% of your body weight being supported by the water, it is the perfect low impact workout. It is suitable for all levels of fitness, including those with injuries or limitations.



This is a great cardiovascular workout using a buoyancy belt in the deep water. There is no impact on the joints so it is suitable for all fitness levels, including those with injuries or limitations. This is a 45 minute class that DOES REQUIRE WATER CONFIDENCE. Class is conducted in the outdoor 50m pool.



Increase body awareness and core strength using the support and resistance of the water. Suitable for all abilities and fitness levels and is held in the heated indoor pool.



A milder paced, lower impact workout suitable for the active older adult or those with injuries or limitations. Class may include cardio and strength exercises in various formats based on the instructor’s discretion. Wednesday morning is a circuit and Friday is a weights class.



This class is designed for anyone who is starting to experience challenges in balance, strength or mobility and will assist them in gaining better function and movement. Suitable for the active older adult or those with injuries or limitations.



A total body, low impact weights work out. Choreographed to music, these strength sessions will shape and tone your body, make you stronger and improve bone health.



A strength conditioning class held in the gym. Suitable for all levels of experience. Learn to lift weights correctly and safely. This class will boost your metabolism, build muscle and strength plus improve bone density.



Meet at the AIR DECK for a challenging workout using battle ropes and other equipment to boost your workout. This class will increase your strength and cardio capacity to the limit.



Put on your gloves and get ready to train, boxer style. Use the boxing bags and skipping ropes along with body weight exercises and hand weights to get you fighting fit.


TRX 45

Suspension Training class that develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. The TRX is a system of ropes and webbing called a “suspension trainer” to allow users to work against their own body weight.



This class builds body awareness that provides you with the skills to master your physical body. It consists of a series of floor based exercises focusing on the abdominals, lower back and glutes. Reshape your body by increasing muscle strength, flexibility and coordination.



Practicing yoga is fabulous for improving your flexibility and strength. This class is suitable for everybody. It combines mind and body awareness plus learn improved breathing techniques that can aid stress management.



This yoga style has an emphasis on building strength and endurance. The poses can be more challenging but still suitable for all.



The intention is to relax and slow down with focused sequences allowing you to release tension. Poses may be aided by props such as blocks, belts, bolsters and blankets.



In today’s fast paced, hectic and stressful world, our meditation classes allow you the chance to relax and find some quiet and peace of mind in your week.



Nirvana focuses on the body and mind. With flow in movement, breathing and music you enter the state of Nirvana, the Flow state and you reach the ideal health with proper oxygenation. suitable for all levels. 45min session



Latin inspired dance fitness workout. Loads of fun with easy to follow steps. Suitable for all fitness levels.



A lower impact Zumba class suitable for active older adults or those with injuries or limitations. It focuses on cardio, balance and co-ordination. No floor work involved.



this class is designed by your instructor to boost your cardiovascular endurance. This energised aerobic class may contain a variety of styles including step, dance, HIIT, Functional training or even using dumbells or skipping. Each class is different yet challenging and it will have you sweating and feeling great. All fitness levels and experience welcome.



Dance based fitness class set to the latest and greatest hits. Easy to follow moves incorporating various dance styles and enjoy the pumping atmosphere.



An energising workout using a height adjustable step and simple rhythmic movements that will work you through cardio blocks and muscle conditioning tracks to shape and tone your body.



30min session designed to boost your metabolic rate helping you burn fat faster. Classes may include the use of various equipment such as kettlebells, suspension straps, battle ropes as per the instructors discretion. High intensity interval training (HIIT) means your exercises are timed with work and rest periods. You push as hard as you can through the work phase and catch your breath during the rest! If you can keep exercising in the rest phase you need to push harder and smash the working phase to receive optimal results.



45 minute Circuit style interval class held on the Air Deck utilising the functional training equipment. Suitable for all fitness levels.



Meet at “The Cave” where you and the rest of the tribe will be challenged through a unique cross training interval workout. Find yourself scaling the rock wall, and making use of the functional training equipment.



Created by a Royal Marine in 2010, this is a non choreographed body weight only workout that will set your metabolism on fire. This is a 30min session suitable for all level of fitness.



45min sessions on the spin bikes that will increase your cardiovascular fitness, burn calories and increase leg strength and muscular endurance without building bulk.



30min interval workout on spin bikes. Designed to challenge and improve your fitness and increase your metabolic rate.



Ages 6-11years – these classes tailored especially for kids will have fun and games to increase cardiovascular fitness, increase strength and flexibility using body weight and functional exercises. (School Holidays only).



Ages 12-16years – Various workouts tailored for growing teenage bodies that will boost cardiovascular fitness plus build strength, coordination and functional capabilities. (School Term only).



Ages 6years+ – Family’s who train together stay together! Bring the kids along and enjoy a workout you can all do together. Class styles will vary each week to keep it fun and interesting for all!