To : All of the Clem Jones Centre Family

Morning All,

Just a quick update for all of our loyal members and patrons on activities at the Centre since our last communication on 7 April.

While we are not holding our breath, it is good to see COVID-19 cases in decline (Queensland in particular) and some restrictions being eased gradually. Having said that, I do note that the Federal Government Chief Health Officer has recently stated that the last three things to come out of lockdown will be nightclubs, international travel and gymnasiums – bless him !!!

Our position at the Centre remains as previously stated and all memberships were suspended on 23 March 2020 and the term of membership will be extended (free of charge) for the period of time we are closed.

We do think there will be complications when we reopen. In all likelihood gyms and aquatic centres will eventually be given the green light however with restrictions to apply such as the 4M2 per person and the 1.5m social distancing rules. These potential “new norms” could be in place for some time – maybe forever !

Other considerations for members may include the fact that group fitness class numbers may be restricted and social distancing rules almost certain to apply. I am so glad we have such a large facility that the potential impact on our members should be minimal.

It could also be that the Aquatic complex may be given the green light to open prior to the Terry Mackenroth Community Gymnasium which only adds confusion in relation to our membership structure.

In any event, we are working through all of the potential possible outcomes and we will ensure members are not disadvantaged in any way in terms of their membership conditions.

I do want to acknowledge the great work Giselle and her team of instructors have done to date bringing to our clients a number of virtual group fitness classes via the private facebook page. Giselle is also spending a large amount of time investigating new tools and applications to improve this service even more.

Interestingly, there is talk of schools formally reopening without the required social distancing measures currently in place. I therefore hope that due consideration is then given to potentially reopening the Learn to Swim School industry. I am no medical expert but I see no difference between the formal education system and the learn to swim environment. I would even suggest that the pool environment with high levels of disinfectant (chlorine) is a safer environment particularly with restrictions around class sizes and parents supervision from a distance. The Centre is currently preparing our case to the Federal Government in this regard and we will keep you informed of their response. The learn to swim industry peak body is also arguing that children’s water safety should be considered an essential service.

Clearly, learning to swim over this winter in particular will prepare our children for the summer season when hopefully they can return to the pool and our great beaches.

Watch this space for some interesting land based instruction from our Learn to Swim Instructors that our students can do at home to build their skills in readiness for our swim school to reopen.

Our maintenance team continue to work tirelessly around the complex making sure that the Centre is in pristine condition for when we reopen. Jamie and Jordan are well prepared in terms of hygiene and sanitisation standards and new cleaning policies well documented. They have even given the old gymnasium a facelift and it looks fantastic just in case we need additional capacity under any crowd restrictions that may be put in place by authorities.

Finally, should any of our clients need any help with any injury concerns, the Clem Jones Centre Physio operations are trading as normal and feel free to call them on 33951400 should you need any advice or rehab support.

We hope everybody is staying safe and continuing to retain some level of fitness. Feel free to email us anytime or leave a message on our voicemail message system if we at the Centre can potentially help in any way.


Steve and the Team