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Active Moves NIA Dance

Nia is a holistic fitness practice that combines dance, martial arts and mindfulness. It emphasises joy, self-expression and the integration of mind, body and soul. Nia encourages participants to move in ways that condition the body and it fosters both physical and emotional wellbeing. Nia also offers neuro-integrative movement patterns to stimulate brain-body vitality. It is practised barefoot to music (participants can choose to wear shoes) and includes step in,…

Fun Fit

Introductory group sessions which are light, informal and a fantastic way for individuals with a disability to socialise with their peers. These sessions are not tailored to any specific needs but rather focus on team play, social interaction and functional movement. 30min sessions (SCHOOL TERM ONLY)

Active Moves Freestyle

A milder paced, lower impact workout suitable for the active older adult or those with injuries or limitations. Class may include cardio and strength exercises in various formats based on the instructor’s discretion. Wednesday morning is a circuit and Friday is a weights class.