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Toddler Time Information

What is Toddler Time?

Toddler Time is a Clem Jones Centre Swim School Initiative Monday to Friday 12pm – 3pm.

For Swim School Members it is time that has been allocated within our facility to allow
Parents/Guardians to spend quality time with their young children to practice what has been
taught during their lessons.

For Non Swim School Members it is a good opportunity for parents to spend time in the water
with their children and build awareness and confidence in preparation for a formal lesson

Toddler Time is a complimentary service available to all children from 3 months of age and
prior to their 5th birthday


Why do we offer Toddler Time?

Practice makes Perfect! It’s like homework, only it is fun!

Needless to say, we live in Queensland and the risks associated in water environments are
forever present. Other than formal education, teaching our children how to swim is the most
important skill for both safety and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

For young children a water environment can be frightening and therefore we have taken this
opportunity during our quiet times to offer “Toddler Time” for children and their Parents/
Guardians to get comfortable in the water, have a little fun, laugh a little and practice water
based skills.

Not in formal lessons yet? Than what better way to begin the swimming journey with your
child. Our Indoor Pool is heated to a cosy 32°C, the air has been set to compliment.

As a not for profit organisation, we consider this intiative as part of our community duty.


Who is Toddler Time available for?

All children from 3 months through to their 5th birthday and their parents/guardians/carers, free of charge!


Other notes:

  • All Toddlers must be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian and must remain within arms reach at all times.
  • Children not 100% toilet trained are required to wear a Swim Nappy when swimming.
  • We ask that our Toddler Time participants stay out of the lane-roped areas which are designated for Hydrotherapy.