18 JUNE 2020


Having launched the opening of the outstandingly successful Terry Mackenroth Community Gymnasium exactly two years ago, the Board of the Camp Hill Carina Welfare Association has committed to the latest “community benefit” development at the Clem Jones Centre Aquatic Complex.

The project which has been dubbed the “Allied Health and Wellbeing Centre” has been formally approved by the Board of the Association and the process of obtaining development approval from Brisbane City Council is well advanced.

The project has been estimated to cost in the vicinity of $9m and will require funding support from the Federal, State or Local Government and will see the redevelopment of all of the severely aging buildings currently facing Zahel Street.

The Camp Hill Carina Welfare Association which is a not for profit community organisation has committed to fund $4m of the total project therefore requiring $5m of funding support from government.

Upon completion, the project is anticipated to be the preeminent health and fitness complex in Queensland and potentially a blue print for developments of a similar nature by local government Councils nationally. The project will create up to 50 jobs during the construction stage and in excess of 150 employment opportunities post development.

Included in the project is a new entry point to the Centre’s Aquatic Complex adjacent to the existing car park together with a suite of allied health services and office accommodation for peak sporting bodies.

Commenting on the project, the Association’s President, Kevin Cairns said “We are seeing a lot of aggregation in the health sector nationally however this project takes these developments to the next level. By combining medical, health and fitness services all in one location it provides the community with easy access to all services for their health and wellbeing needs. This is particularly important for the elderly in our community and people with disabilities where mobility and transport issues are common.”

The Association has appointed leading Brisbane architectural firm, Think Tank Architects to coordinate the project.

The Camp Hill Carina Welfare Association’s CEO Steve Heald said “our charter is to provide affordable health and fitness services to the community with an emphasis on children, the elderly and people with disabilities. The concept of a one stop shop for all of these services will see the Clem Jones Centre as the major centre in Brisbane for these amenities.”

Steve went on to say that “the office accommodation for peak sporting bodies will be aimed at those tier 2 and 3 sporting bodies that receive a smaller proportion of government financial support and therefore require affordable accommodation preferably on the site of existing sports facilities.

The development will also include some other ancillary services and it is our aim to also make the Clem Jones Centre a destination of choice in the local community and to provide a unique family experience in a safe and congenial environment”.

The Clem Jones Centre has a proven track record in the development of new facilities over the past few years with the development of the Trevor Bishop Indoor Pool which up until the COVID-19 crisis in March this year hosted some 2,000 swim lessons per week and numerous hydrotherapy services to people with disabilities and those recovering from injuries or joint surgery.

The Terry Mackenroth Community Gymnasium was officially launched in May 2018 now has in excess of 3,000 members and provides programs for various medical conditions including the most recently launched program for those suffering Parkinson’s disease.

For more information – Steve Heald, 0400442441,