Local not for profit community organisation, the Clem Jones Centre has mandated full vaccination requirements for all staff and patrons for their gymnasium and aquatic facilities effective at 5am on Friday 17 December 2021.

The Centre’s charter is somewhat unique in the fitness industry and it is to provide affordable health and fitness services to the community with an emphasis on children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

After long and thoughtful discussion, the Board and management of the Centre determined that with such a large percentage of attendees that fit into a vulnerable category of patron, it was, on balance appropriate to limit access to vaccinated patrons and therefore offer an increased level of protection. Patrons under the age of sixteen are exempt from the full vaccination requirements.

The Centre also runs a significant school swimming program and it is a requirement of all schools that staff involved in the provision of swimming instruction must be fully vaccinated and this was another reason for the shaping of our mandatory vaccination policy.

Not only is the Centre a source of health and fitness for the local community, it is also a place where people gather simply to socialise and maintain their mental health and this also played a part in the decision to position the Centre as a facility for vaccinated staff and patrons only.

The vast majority of all staff and instructors at the Centre are already fully vaccinated and a number of additional staff will have had their second dose prior to 17 December. The remaining small number of unvaccinated staff and instructors currently at the Centre will be given every opportunity to get vaccinated and therefore retain their current employment status at the Centre.

All of the other sporting groups at the Clem Jones Centre are also in the process of formulating their policies for vaccine mandates which may or may not be the same as for the gymnasium and aquatic facilities.

Centre CEO Steve Heald said that there was no right or wrong answer to the question of mandatory vaccination however on balance we saw this as the best possible outcome particularly for our more vulnerable patrons. We run a large number of programs for those in our community with serious medical issues including those undergoing cancer treatment and suffering from Parkinson’s disease and we have an obligation to provide these groups with a safe environment.

Similarly, with almost all our staff fully vaccinated we equally have an obligation to provide staff with the safest possible work environment.

Everyone sixteen years or older entering the Centre from 5am on Friday 17 December including through the gymnasium entry, the aquatic centre and learn to swim facilities will be required to show evidence of their vaccination status either electronically or via a printed copy. While this will be somewhat of an inconvenience, it is likely to be a requirement for the foreseeable future in all businesses that have vaccine mandates.

Obviously those patrons with an immunisation medical exemption provided by a qualified health professional may still enter the Centre upon the provision of the required evidence downloaded from the Australian Immunisation Register.

The Centre will remain flexible as and when the fluid circumstances surrounding vaccine requirements change in the future.


For further information, please contact Centre Management on

33982107 or