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Parkinson’s Program

Exercise is important for maintaining health for everyone. For people with Parkinson’s, exercise can improve quality of life and may help improve some of the motor and non-motor symptoms of the disease. Exercise can also positively impact depression, apathy, cognition, and sleep difficulties.


There are five classes that run each week, as displayed on our Group Fitness Timetable.

• On Mondays is our Exercise for Parkinson’s class run in either the Terry Mackenroth Community Gymnasium or the Trevor Bishop Indoor Pool, based on the Brian Grant Foundation.

• Tuesday sees us hosting the Dance For Parkinsons class.

• On Wednesdays we have the Functional Active Moves classes, based on the Functional Aging Institute programs.

• Thursday sees the popular Parkinsons Boxing class based on the KOPD (Knockout Parkinson’s Disease) boxing program.

• Commencing on 2 June 2023 on Fridays is PD Pilates developed in-house by one of or qualified trainers.


In addition we provide one on one personal training programs tailored to the needs of those with PD.


All classes and PT programs are designed around exercises and movements that improve flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, gait, and strength and delivered in a safe and supportive environment.


The socialisation benefits are more than tangible for our participants and the psychological boost from meeting and relating to others on the same journey, experiencing the benefits of exercise and in many cases improvement in symptoms and quality of life are what makes our program a real success.


Before starting, a medical clearance to participate in a Parkinson’s exercise program is required and we also conduct our own assessment to grade participants for their safety and benefit.


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