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The Clem Jones Centre Swim Squad                                                                                                                         Latest Training Updates


Our Clem Jones Centre Swim Squad, led by the experienced Head Coach Brian Glass, is tailored for swimmers of all levels and ages, offering a dynamic and supportive environment for both beginners and aspiring competitors.


We make training enjoyable but also love winning!



Why Join the Clem Jones Centre Swim Squad?


  1. Expert Coaching: Benefit from the wealth of experience and passion that Head Coach Brian Glass brings to every session. Our coaching team is dedicated to fostering a love for swimming while honing the skills needed for success.


  1. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Enjoy top-notch facilities, including a fully heated 25m & 50m outdoor pool, a Senior Squad Gym, and an Ice Bath/Recovery Centre. Train year-round in a comfortable and professional setting.


  1. Junior, Intermediate and Senior Squad Options: Whether you’re just starting with our Junior Squad, progressing through our Intermediate Squad, or aiming for excellence with our Senior Squad, we have a program designed just for you.


  1. Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD): Our philosophy centres around nurturing athletes for long-term success. We focus on gradual progression, skill development, and ensuring swimmers peak in their early 20s, avoiding early burnout.


  1. Performance-Based Senior Squad: For those dreaming of competing at School, State, National, or even International levels, our Senior Squad provides intensive training in all zones—aerobic, anaerobic, speed, and more. With a minimum of 5 sessions per week, swimmers receive personalized attention to enhance their skills and overall performance.


  1. Integrated Strength & Conditioning: Unique to our program, Senior Squad members enjoy three S&C/Gym sessions per week, led by a fully qualified Physiotherapist/S&C Coach. Sessions are carefully planned to complement and enhance pool training.



Meet our Head Coach Brian Glass


At the helm of the Clem Jones Centre Swim Squad is the driving force behind our commitment to excellence – Head Coach Brian Glass. With a rich tapestry of experience, Brian is not just a coach; he’s a mentor, a strategist, and a passionate advocate for the transformative power of swimming.


Brian’s journey in the world of swimming spans years of dedication and unwavering enthusiasm. His coaching philosophy revolves around Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD), emphasising gradual progression, skill refinement, and ensuring swimmers reach their peak in their early 20s. Brian’s vision extends beyond creating champions at a young age; he is dedicated to fostering a deep love for the sport that endures a lifetime.


Under his guidance, our squad members experience a holistic approach to training, combining technical mastery with a genuine enjoyment of swimming. Brian’s expertise extends to planning sessions that cater to swimmers of all levels, ensuring continuous improvement in every aspect, from stroke technique to competitive strategies.


As a coach who leads by example, Brian Glass instils in our swimmers the importance of enjoying the journey, finding joy in every stroke, turn, and race. His commitment to each athlete’s individual growth is evident in the personalised guidance he provides, setting the stage for a supportive and empowering swim squad community.


Join us at the Clem Jones Centre Swim Squad and experience the transformative coaching of Brian Glass, where passion, expertise, and a love for swimming converge for unparalleled athletic development.


Clem Jones Centre Squad Levels Explained:


Junior Squad (1-hour sessions):

Designed as the bridge from Learn to Swim to Squad swimming, our Junior Squad offers a nurturing environment for beginners. In these 1-hour sessions, our focus is on cultivating proper stroke technique, building essential skills, and introducing gradual endurance. We believe in making the transition enjoyable, setting the foundation for a lifelong love for swimming.


Intermediate Squad (1.5-hour sessions):

Stepping into our Intermediate Squad marks the entry into our performance-focused squads while maintaining a fun and friendly atmosphere. During these 1.5-hour sessions, we build upon fundamental swimming skills, nurturing your child’s ability to train effectively and fostering a deep appreciation for the sport. Individual swimmers are exposed to a variety of racing opportunities, mastering the four competitive strokes, and enhancing proficiency in turns, starts, and finishes.


Senior Squad (2.0 hour sessions):

For those with aspirations of racing and competing at all levels—School, State, National, and even International—our Senior Squad is the pinnacle. In this advanced level, swimmers delve into training across all zones, including aerobic, anaerobic, speed, and more. Guided by our Head Coach, sessions are meticulously planned to ensure continuous improvement in all aspects, from overall performance to specific skills like starts, turns, finishes, and underwater techniques.


To be considered for the Senior Squad, a commitment of a minimum of 5 sessions per week is required. Typically open to those aged 12 and above, entry is by invitation only, ensuring a select group of dedicated swimmers who are ready to embrace the challenges and rewards of our highest level. Join us on the journey to excellence with the Clem Jones Centre Swim Squad!

Nurturing Excellence Through Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)


At the Clem Jones Centre, our Head Coach, Brian Glass, champions a philosophy of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) that sets the foundation for lasting success in the world of swimming.


Guided by this ethos, we initiate swimmers with a thoughtful approach, starting at 5 sessions and gradually increasing as they age. This progression, carefully determined by the Head Coach, is communicated to swimmers as needed.


In embracing LTAD, our focus extends beyond creating champions at an early age. We believe in cultivating a genuine enjoyment of the sport, steering clear of burnout caused by excessive training. Our goal is to keep swimmers actively engaged, reaching their peak performance in their early 20s when they are generally at their athletic zenith.


While this journey may seem extensive to some, we firmly believe it is a worthwhile investment in the end. The key is to find joy in the process, fostering a love for swimming that transcends the pursuit of early accolades. At the Clem Jones Centre, we are committed to guiding swimmers through a holistic and enjoyable development, ensuring a rewarding and enduring experience in the world of swimming.



Elevate Your Performance with Specialised Strength and Conditioning Sessions


As a cornerstone of our commitment to comprehensive athlete development, our Senior Squad members have the exclusive opportunity to participate in three tailored Strength and Conditioning (S&C) sessions per week. These sessions are seamlessly integrated into our program, reinforcing our dedication to nurturing well-rounded athletes.


The frequency of S&C sessions per swimmer is determined individually by Head Coach Brian Glass, aligning with each athlete’s unique needs and training requirements. Emphasizing our identity as a swim program, these sessions are not merely about building strength; they are strategically designed to enhance swimming performance.


Led by a highly qualified Physiotherapist/S&C Coach holding a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours), Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Science, and ASCA Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach certification, our S&C sessions embody a fusion of expertise and practical insight.


Collaboratively planned between Head Swim Coach Brian and the S&C Coach, these sessions seamlessly align with our seasonal pool training plan. This strategic coordination ensures that every aspect of the training regimen contributes synergistically to our swimmers’ overall development.


We consider ourselves exceptionally fortunate to offer this integrated Strength and Conditioning program to our swimmers. This unique feature sets us apart, providing a level of support and expertise that goes beyond the conventional offerings of many programs. Join the Clem Jones Centre Swim Squad, where our commitment to excellence extends beyond the pool, ensuring our swimmers have every tool they need to reach their full potential.



Comprehensive Support Beyond the Pool: Allied Health at Clem Jones Centre


At the Clem Jones Centre Swim Squad, our commitment to the holistic well-being of our swimmers extends beyond the pool, and we are excited to share two valuable additions to our Allied Health Precinct.


Physio + Rehab:

For any niggles, soreness, massages, or injuries, we highly recommend our swimmers visit the Clem Jones Centre Physio + Rehab. Grant Bolton, our main contact, plays a pivotal role in managing the physical well-being of our athletes. Working in collaboration with Head Coach Brian Glass, Grant ensures a tailored approach to addressing and managing any issues. His open-door policy allows Coach Brian to pop in during sessions to enhance his understanding and discuss strategies for optimal athlete care.


Dietitian Services:

Welcoming Sean Cornish, a skilled Dietitian, to our Allied Health Precinct, we recognise the vital role nutrition plays in the performance of our swimmers. Sean collaborates with several members of our squad, assisting them in planning their dietary intake for peak performance. Particularly crucial for young athletes engaged in six or more training sessions per week, Sean helps address the challenge of consuming enough fuel to support their rigorous training schedules. His expertise ensures that our swimmers are equipped with the knowledge and guidance needed to maintain optimal energy levels.


Excitingly, our Allied Health Precinct is on track to become one of the best centres in Australia, offering unparalleled support to our swimmers. At the Clem Jones Centre Swim Squad, we prioritize not only athletic excellence but also the overall well-being of our athletes, and our Allied Health services play a crucial role in achieving this balance.



At the Clem Jones Centre Swim Squad, we’re not just training swimmers; we’re cultivating a lifelong love for the sport. If you’re interested in joining the squad, contact Brian today by emailing brian@clemjonescentre.com.au