1. Use hand sanitiser on ENTRY and EXIT of the facilities.
  2. Wipe down ALL equipment and surfaces with disinfectant before and after use. This includes, dumbbells, weight plates, barbells and machines.
  3. Must adhere to social distancing guidelines – 1.5m between each person and 1 person per 4m2.
  4. Use of a towel is compulsory, one for sitting and laying on and a separate face towel is recommended.
  5. Bring your own water bottle for keeping hydrated.
  6. If sick, attendance is not permitted.
  7. Unless in a designated class, children under 14years are not permitted.
  8. Shirt and enclosed shoes compulsory. (No work boots).
  9. Return all equipment to where you found it, including plates and dumbbells.
  10. Do not reserve or monopolise equipment, use one machine at a time.
  11. Don’t drop your weights, particularly dumbbells and barbells.
  12. Report any equipment failure to reception or gym staff.
  13. The gym is a camera free zone. Approval required prior to filming.
  14. No food or hot drinks to be consumed in the gym.
  15. Do no turn up late for classes. Doors will be locked at designated times.
  16. Please put mobile phones on silent during group fitness classes.
  17. Leave bathrooms and amenities tidy.