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Water Awareness Week

Water Awareness Week

Childhood is a time of development and learning. Children most often do this through exploration and fun. As a parent / guardian your role is vital in reinforcing the importance of water safety and water awareness. The exposure to fun, safe water based activities will help your child/ren to be confident and safe in the water.

Statistics show that Learn to Swim Lessons & Water Awareness / Safety Lessons saves lives.

During week 5 of each term within our Swim School we will host our  Water Awareness Week.

During this week while we will continue with your child/ren’s normal lesson, we will also focus on water safety strategies.

All children, including babies are asked to participate in week 5 by wearing long cothes, e.g. winter pyjamas for toddlers and older & Bonds style grow suits for the babies. With your help we are allowing your child/ren to understand the difference between planned swimming and accidental swimming.

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