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Personal Training

Members Prices
30 minute sessions$ 40.00
5 visit pass$170.00
10 visit pass$305.00
45 minute sessions$54.00
 5 visit pass$230.00
10 visit pass$415.00
30 minute Group Sessions 2 people$52.50
 5 visit pass$230.00
10 visit pass$420.00
30 minute Group Sessions 3-6 people$75.00
30 minute Group Sessions 3-6 people - 5 Visit Pass$300.00
30 minute Group Sessions 3-6 people - 10 Visit Pass$550.00
Non-Members Prices
30 minute sessions$ 55.00
5 visit pass$225.00
10 visit pass$350.00

All personal training includes health assessments, program design and nutritional advice if required.

Vesna Sloman

9 years personal training and a lifetime of health and fitness!

I believe in the importance of keeping fit, healthy and active, and my focus is to help you achieve this. My passion for fitness led me to complete my training and become a fully qualified personal trainer with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers in 2008.

This was just the beginning of my journey of
being part of the most rewarding industries where you never stop learning.

I have been lucky over the years to work in a range of gyms with some amazing fitness professionals who have helped me grow as a Trainer and provide me with opportunities to advance in my skills and specialise in a variety of areas, including children’s and older adults training which has allowed me to work with a diverse population.


  • Personal Training
  • Group Fitness
  • Bootcamp
  • Core Strength & Flexibility
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Children & Older Adults Training
  • Fitness Challenges


Merinda O’Brien


I am passionate about championing the importance of participating in regular resistance and fitness training for long-term health, weight management, mobility, confidence and resilience.

When coaching clients I focus on:

  • the wide-ranging benefits a healthy body can offer every aspect of your life
  • quality of workouts - not quantity!
  • resetting metal limits/barriers - you are stronger than you think!
  • viewing health and fitness as lifestyle - not a just a phase

Key speciality areas include: strength and conditioning; women's strength training; body composition change; beginner resistance training; group fitness and boxing.

My philosophy to training is: when you push past feelings of fear/trepidation and commit to change.....magic happens.



Dan Parham 

I am a results-oriented trainer with over 12 years of experience. My aim is to assist each individual client to achieve their goals through proven training methods and nutrition guidance. My passion and main focus is on strength training. I believe building a strong body is an important and beneficial investment that everyone should strive for.

I offer personal training for those who need motivation and accountability, as well as to extract more out of each session. Your training is planned and recorded to ensure progress. Personalised programs can also be designed for those looking for professional advice and an effective routine but are happy to train on their own.

If you’re after training or nutrition advice, feel free to come and have a chat when you see me around the gym.


Fat loss

Muscle gain

Strength training

Personalised training programs

Nutrition guidance

Lewis Hayes

Hi, I’ve been a Personal Trainer at The Clem Jones Centre for 3 years and have assisted many clients with programs for weight loss, strength and conditioning, sports specific programs and rehabilitation.

I use a variety of training methods including resistance (weights), functional. Body weight, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), boxing and circuits dependant on my clients goals, fitness levels and training preferences.

For rehabilitation programs I work in conjunction with your treating Allied Health professional (physio, specialist etc) to ensure the best recovery possible.

I love working here at the Terry Mackenroth Community Gym for the community spirit, inclusive environment and most of all the members – whether helping them achieve their goals or just saying hello for a friendly chat.

Rebecca Mara

Hi, my name is Rebecca (Bex) Mara. I am a Group Fitness Instructor for Clem Jones Centre.

I have a he passion for “Group Fitness Training”. I currently take a few different classes each week. Zumba Fitness, DanceFit, Zumba Step, Primal HIIT 30 & HIIT 30 are just some classes I currently instruct.

I love the group vibe, having classes full of enthusiastic people willing to workout and enjoy it!

Whilst I take large groups, I am also available for “Small Group Training” if you would like to workout in a smaller more intimate group I can also provide specific classes for that.

A bit about me. I am a mother of three and manage my children around what I love doing. I have grown up with dance, and only recently in the last few years gotten in to many other genres of fitness.

I have always enjoyed motivating people through my love for movement. I absolutely LOVE my job and the variety we offer can only grow from here and I’m looking forward to expanding with you all.

Tracy Williams

I am a certified Studio Pilates trained Reformer Instructor. I have Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates/Advanced Mat Pilates, Ball, Circle Band and Wunda Chair Certification through Studio Pilates. She also has Cert III in Fitness.

It was whilst participating in classes that I realised my passion for Pilates. It is the perfect way to strengthen, tone and stretch the body. It was through my love for Pilates that in 2014 I decided to study and obtain my certifications in Pilates. I am delighted to find both passion and opportunity to help others improve their strength and well being.

Many of my clients use Pilates to manage pain, improve posture, to strengthen areas of weakness and for overall strength and flexibility. Pilates is for everyone. Whether you are looking for a challenging workout, an athlete wanting to focus on a particular goal, work on balance and stability, or are new to Reformer Pilates wanting to give it a try, I would love to partner with you on your pilates journey.


The Reformer can be used to work core stabilisation, muscle endurance, lactate tolerance, peripheral joint stability, muscle strength, balance, co-ordination and much more.